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We are living a new Renaissance in pharmaceutical research and the Italian pharmaceutical industry plays an important role in this revolution: these words summarize the meaning of the President Massimo Scaccabarozzi’s statement that he made opening the Farmindustria General Assembly that took place at Teatro Argentina in Rome on 23rd June 2016.

With his speech, Mr Scaccabarozzi reported that in 2015 EMA (European Medicines Agency) authorized 70 new products and now globally there are more than 7.000 projects already at an advanced stage in clinical trials. The last year Italian biotech industry developed more than 300 pharmaceuticals, included the first drug based on stem cell. Furthermore Italy has a leading role in research and development of oncology, rare diseases, biotechnology and advanced therapies.


Drug in development in the world

In the last years Italian pharmaceutical industry has played an important role by its investment in research and production: now it is the first industry in Europe for productivity and the second for manufacturing value very close behind Germany. During the years 2010-2015 Italian pharmaceutical companies focused their strategies in R&D investments and internationalization while Big Pharma multinationals increased their production in Italy.


Italian Pharmaceutical Industry - Manufacturing value export employees

Italian Pharmaceutical Industry - Research and Production Investment and RD employees

Italian Pharmaceutical Industry - Manufacturing value key data

Pharma Contribution


Today Italian pharmaceutical field is a network, composed by private and public corporations, universities, laboratories, state-owned companies, and institutions, linked to other international research networks. President Scaccabarozzi highlighted as during the last two years pharmaceutical industry enjoyed steady rules and had a positive debate with institutions and the main stakeholders of health field.

However, there are again some difficulties to face and to solve:

  • a decreased percentage of vaccinated people;
  • the growing resistance to antibiotics;
  • the pharmaceutical research is always more complicated and expensive;
  • the lack of a new governance in pharmaceutical field.

Mr Scaccabarozzi suggested not to consider the pharmaceutical expenditure separated from other healthcare expenses: the cost of medication should be evaluated not singularly but in a therapy context, adopting an outcome-based approach. Mr Scaccabarozzi also demanded to go beyond the payback system asserting that it is an unsuitable procedure that damages pharmaceutical companies.

At last, President Scaccabarozzi invited the state and regional institutions to create a strategic partnership with pharmaceutical industry in order to maintain the leading role of Italy in pharmaceutical production and also to become the global hub in pharma research.

Dino Biselli


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